​Transportation partner in Switzerland

​Silo Trans AG was founded in order to meet specialised industry requirements as a competent and cost-effective transportation partner for the construction materials industry in Switzerland.

Data and facts:

  • Founded: 2005
  • Registered office: CH-9466 Sennwald, Heberrietstraße 10
  • Employees: 33

Silo Transportation

Silo Trans hauls flue ash, perlite and cement as well as other finished and semi-finished bulk goods. We only use vehicles adapted to the requirements and characteristics of the respective product.

International Transportation:

  • Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France

Short-Haul Silo Transportation

Silo Trans is a reliable short-haul silo transportation partner for the national construction materials industry. With renowned manufacturers of construction materials such as ready-mix plaster, cement etc. among its customers, Silo Trans offers reliable on-time delivery on all routes within Switzerland.


Many Silo Trans customers operate production facilities in western Austria and adjacent eastern Switzerland but conduct business internationally.

As a result, the products of these companies are brought into Switzerland by international transport.

Silo Trans AG is part of our companies

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